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A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Founded in 2014 and collaborate with Taiwan company, Taiwan Tea House began to open its first branch in Semarang. Consistency and quality service to customers become our mission, where the customers are the first and always the first.

The process of tea making from Taiwan Tea House is done with special standard. All of the fresh tea leaves are formulated from natural tea, which is brewed every six hours to maintain its freshness. Any fruit flavors in here are produced from 100% real fruit and directly imported from Taiwan. Not only limited to bubble tea, another specialty of us we bring the Taiwan night market’s most famous crispy chicken. The savory, crispy, and tenderness of the meat become the favorite menu of every customer.

Original Taiwanese Bubble Tea

with vision…

Our vision is

in the next few years we will open more than 30 outlets in Indonesia,
supported by good management, good products and affordable prices.

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